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Friday, December 21, 2007

What does it take to be a good Project Manager

wish ko lang di sya blogger hahaha … I'm talking about my PM...
well been with the IT industry for quite sometime now...had worked with different project managers but no one compares with my current PM..

I don't want to talk about her personality since that doesn't concern me since my relationship with her is purely 'trabaho lang'

Ang aking PM

She seldom attends meetings...can you imagine that? then mabibigla na lang sya about the status of the project...

She's just concern about your status.. "tapos na ba?" that's what I always hear from her.
She schedule's a task that can be done in 3 days for just 1hr, naf said!!!!!

Well wala na nga syang ibang matinong gagawin but to schedule the task assigned to her member.. but goodness its common sense.. how can you create a program in 1 hr... or even test a program in less than 1 hr without you knowing the flow of the system?

Howell.. di ko alam kung maaawa ako sa kanya or maiinis...
ewan ewan...

Magbasa na lang kayo ng mga Quotes


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