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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Day of Mall Hopping

Its been quite sometime since I went to the mall without being in a hurry.. I really love malling ever since but since I am busy with work and blogging... I really don't have enough time to go to the mall and do the 'malling' that I used to do..

Today is my lucky day, I had the chance to do mall hopping lol!

I went to Robinson's Place manila and made an advance payment for my Fitness First gym membership.. yes!! I'll be back to the gym this January!!!! , I bought a few pairs of socks and looked for a gym bag.. went to several sports store but can't find the one that I am looking for...

I plan to buy a portable hard disk but changed my mind.. I then went to SM San Lazaro to check if I can find a gym bag that I want.

Luckily, as I went to Adidas station, I saw the bag that I like, bought it for PHP1200.00.

Bought some beauty products and got a titanium hair straightener for PHP 2399.95 and headed home..

I Feel tired but happy ! I finally had a chance to do the things I used to do before I take blogging seriously...

and since I freeze my fitness first account due to blogging (really!!) hopefully I can manage to go to the gym and do blogging at the same time !!!!!

thats all for now!!

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