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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Totally Comfortable

My first week with my new work was really hassle free.. I met new people.. surprisingly, they are all friendly.. and I find the smile on their faces genuine when I was introduced.. even at 2nd day I felt like, I belong :)

This made me think on my first week on my previous company.. I felt like I wanna cry then.. I really felt out of placed.. no one seems interested to know me. They were so close that it really hard for a newbie to penetrate....

My worries are gone... I'm really comfortable working here... but of course, I can't forget my friends from my previous company...

Well there are still some worries on my mind, that is, proving myself, professionally. That is the hardest part I think. Thinking my previous work, I really made my mark. Well I dont consider myself an ORACLE Master, but I know, I had proven my expertise.

The challenge now (and everytime I tranfer to a new work) is how to prove myself, How to make my mark on my chosen field.

Before, I wished to pursue the DBA path.. now I'm thinking twice..Whatevet the new company offers me.. I just hope that this will be my last... I really want to stay for good.


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