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Monday, May 19, 2008

What's New?

Well it's been quite some time since my last post...
ang drama yata nun hehhhe

Well maybe nagsusulat lang ako dito kapag I have an unexpressed feeling...usually :)

I guess my friends are tired of hearing my rants :)

Last week monday, I got a text from a head hunter, informing me that Smart is inviting me for a technical interview, schedule was Wednesday, May 14, 2008.

Well, Smart is Smart, so I said yes, I'll be there...
Come Wednesday, 2pm, I waited for about 10minutes before the interviewer came...

The interview went on.. he asked some technical stuff, some personal stuff etc... I really enjoyed the interview and I really feel at eased at that time....maybe when it's time for me to interview and applicant.. I'll do the same style... :)
I was informed that the opening is for Oracle Developer, but during the interview, I was told that if ever, I'll be the team lead for the group...

I went out of the Smart Tower building smiling, with the hopes that maybe that week, or early next week, they'll inform me about the status of my application.

March 15, 2008, 12nn a day after my smart interview, I received a text from the head hunter, that Smart has already considered my for a regular position, I was ecstatic.

3pm same day, Smart HR called me, inviting me to take the personality test and next will be the medical exam....

I went there friday, March 16, I had an interview and they asked me to answer a sort of personality exam... after that they gave me the medical form...

The HR personnel asked me if I can go to PLDT (clinic?) to have my medical exam that same day, but I told her that I haven't had my sleep yet since I went home that day at 4am from an overtime work waaaaa

Well, I plan to have my medical exam yesterday, Monday, unfortunately, I have my period... so sa Friday na lang :)

Sana... sana wala ng problem... I am very very close to Smart employment... sana wala ng problem :(


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