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Saturday, November 8, 2008

So Close..

Oh my last post was about my havs pala :) I have two pairs and been wanting to buy more, but hell, my office mate, Ice, owner of Java Android, told something that made me realized that yeah, why would I spend PHP1,300 on these flip flops haha... I have 2 pairs and I think that is enough.

Last Friday, I wore a plain spandex tee, jeans and rubber shoes to work, this is so unusual for me since I never worn my rubber shoes for a year and a half lol... howell, kinda not in the mood days for me...

HUh? not in the mood?
here's something that I got from my bestfriend's multiply account

But, could never find the courage
Fell short of words, dead dumb stupid.
Feelings a-flow just within the cage
Into the game, a greenhorn, a kid.

Still, could never seize the chance
Muted by ignominy, a castaway.
Immobile, a warrior in a trance
Thrown into a fight, an easy slay.

Yet, could never hit the mark
Blinded by passion, target amiss.
Captivated, stripped of strength, stark
Unnerved, lost and struggling, in abyss.

So far, could never dare speak
Or put into words, of the bliss longed for.
Enslaved, life becomes so bleak
Waiting, on the hard cold floor.

So close,
So far…

It started as an admiration... now I don't know what to call it hehe


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