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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trying to Get Over with Edward Cullen

Yeah yeah I am really a Hopeless romantic!! I used to watched movies like these, I mean love stories and the like, but Twilight is really different!! It really got into me, and I really wanted to get over it!!!

I really am depressed hoping that one day, I'll have my own Edward Cullen!! duh, of course I don't want him to be a vampire!!!, I just want him to love me like a vampire! LOL, love me like Edward does with Bela!

hayyyyy Nakoh!!!! the characters portrayed their roles well I think, coz I felt that intense feeling when I was watching the movie! or is it just that hopeless romantic in me!!!

Duh! I really wanted to get over this, to get over with the movie, to get over with Edward Cullen, I'm itching to buy the book, to watch it again, to read reviews about the movie... well I guess I would be just making myself suffer!!!!

The sad part is, there will be sequels! so I'll definitely watch the coming movies again! and I'll be like this again! huhhuuh

Well, its not really the movie that struck me, its the way how Edward intensely love Bela, and hoping to have my own 'Edward' soon..... paulit ulit na yata ako haha


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