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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Twilight Saga Addiction

Of course, as you might had seen my last post, about the twilight... the introduction now becomes an addiction....

I used to read novels and fiction books way back in college, mostly Sydney Sheldon's ... well I only read few though, maybe about three or four, all which I barely remember the titles...

I can say that I never been so attracted and eager to read a book other than the twilight saga...

After watching and reading twilight, I felt the need to continue with the story! I was so in love with Edward Cullen, and he keeps on running on my mind, err at least the character, how he loves Bella etc... I thought I never get over the passion for book 1 and luckily, 'New Moon' is already available... it's like quenching the thirst for blood haha.. and making me totally forgot about my addiction to book 1...

And totally made me get over Edward... but only to fall in love with Jacob Black!! haha... I never imagine Jacob, or Jake as what others calls him, as the main character, I thought he is just like Jesica or Mike, some extras in the scene, but the author gave some extra focus on him in book 2.

That's when I felt Jake totally made me forget about the Edward character... though, they may feel the same intensity of love.. i still find his, pure, willing to sacrifice and all.. not that Edward is not willing to do all that.. i don't know.. maybe because I also want him to be happy... I really felt bad for him... I cried most of the time for his pain... lol! Well of course, this may not be applicable to anyone... not that I have Edward now... I just love Jacob more hahaha

I wonder how 'New Moon' will be translated in a movie... I am anticipating their interpretation with the 'Werewolves' how the author described them in the book... And how will they interpret the tall Jake! since the character when he doesn't phased yet, when he is still human, has average height... not nearly 7ft I guess :)

'Eclipse' just continued Jake's pain ouch! hehe but I find some action here... well, the action that was more described in details that the one Edward and James had in 'Twilight'. And definitely everyone is in action here, not just Edward, well of course except for Bella :)

'Breaking Dawn' relieved my stress... I read the book in merely 1 and a half days... I barely sleep hahaha just to finish this... and one of my favorite part is..... Jacob's Imprinting... well the book describes imprinting as something among the werewolves that when they saw this particular person, they will know she/he is the one, their soulmates... and it will free them from any feelings with any person they in love with prior to the imprinting...and they can imprint to any person of any age!!!! This is the one I am really anticipating... I really want to free Jake from any pain, I guess he is really hurt to much and good thing, he is given someone that is really meant for her... after imprinting...every pain from Jake's heart has been removed... and I can see a bright future for him lol! producing the most powerful creatures as an offspring...with Reneesmee... Bella and Edward's Half Human, half Vampire daughter....

I really love how the story was laid... I can say I never been affected as much as this story affected me... I never been interested to Harry Potter books after watching all movie sequels... but this is really different... the author really touches her readers by heart... and she will make you forget about how you were passionately involved with the book prior to the one that you are reading... did I said it right? haha... howell...

I'm really waiting for the Midnight Sun to be released! but as I see it... it is merely same twilight story, but this time, on Edward's perspective, not sure though... well I am hoping to read about Jake's and Renesmee story though hahaha


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