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Friday, August 29, 2008

My Havaianas Addiction

Well I used to say I'll never buy a pair of Havaianas, but I just did! hehe and I am planning to buy another one this week, and another one next payday!

Well if you are looking for a Havaianas store in Makati, you'll find one at Glorietta 3 Ayala Center, all flip-flops store. The store is located at the 2nd floor.

I love the Havaianas High collection, and just bought my Havaianas High Look in Indigo Blue

I'm planning to buy the black and dark brown color for the high look collection. For the Havaianas High Sun, I'm planning to buy Black /Rose and Dark brown!!!

Having one is so addicting! can't wait to have my next!
Price: PHP1,195.00 @ All Flip-Flops :)


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Totally Comfortable

My first week with my new work was really hassle free.. I met new people.. surprisingly, they are all friendly.. and I find the smile on their faces genuine when I was introduced.. even at 2nd day I felt like, I belong :)

This made me think on my first week on my previous company.. I felt like I wanna cry then.. I really felt out of placed.. no one seems interested to know me. They were so close that it really hard for a newbie to penetrate....

My worries are gone... I'm really comfortable working here... but of course, I can't forget my friends from my previous company...

Well there are still some worries on my mind, that is, proving myself, professionally. That is the hardest part I think. Thinking my previous work, I really made my mark. Well I dont consider myself an ORACLE Master, but I know, I had proven my expertise.

The challenge now (and everytime I tranfer to a new work) is how to prove myself, How to make my mark on my chosen field.

Before, I wished to pursue the DBA path.. now I'm thinking twice..Whatevet the new company offers me.. I just hope that this will be my last... I really want to stay for good.