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Saturday, September 4, 2010


I used to be a person with a plan. I always plan about my future, made sure that I know where I want to go..specially career wise..

Now I have been lost... My current company destroyed my career path (yes RCG IT did that!)

Ok, yeah, I'm stupid for allowing them to do so...I need money.. I just need enough, for me to hand in my resignation...

I'm emotionally ready... anytime I can do it...

I'm tired, and RCG IT would be my last company, really don't have plans to find a new one.. my businesses are stable now... but since I don't have enough time to focus on them, I'm not earning as much as I am getting as an employee... I'm thinking if I should wait a couple of months more... well I'm on a project, I love our client.. I just hate my current employer :P

I believe I wont be feeling like this if RCG IT has a plan for its employees..I don't even have a career path anymore, I have been vocal about wanting to move to a different project, I just want a role that would support my work experience and path.. not a totally different path... now I don't know where I am heading...

P.S I hate my project manager... I guess she's not stupid, she just don't know how to do her job, and like the company, she simply doesn't care :P

Looking forward to the day that I will hand in my resignation letter, It's been on my hard drive for quite some time now.. :P will just change the date :P

* This is my blog.. I have all the right in the world to write anything that I feel writing :P