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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Felt Like a High School Crush

I'm too old for this lol! but remember the feeling when you were in high school and had a crush on somebody?

I first saw you few days after I started working with my current company. Well, yeah you're an officemate hehe...

I really like my impression about you, you got nice hair, thats what got struck me the first time hehe.. naku po patay na... parang obvious kung sino ka :P

I like your bod, I like your height! you're not that good looking haha.. no you are good looking, carry naman the whole package hehe

I feel like you're the pain in your group mate's a**es haha... I like you're voice...
I like that mala kenny roger's delivery man outfit hahaha no I don't like it... but you still have the guts to wear that kind haha... funny tlga... red cap, red polo ala delivery man, red shoes, duh! wag mo na isusuot yun ulit haha

I dunno kung napapansin mo ako...
I feel like nagpapapansin ka din waaa... no yan yung gusto ko isipin, I'm not pretty, im not even sexy for you to give your attention :P

but you always look at me in the eyes, paano ko nalaman? e nakatingin kasi ako sayo palagi, e di nag titinginan pla tayo? hahahaha

I remember one time, ayoko na tumingin sayo, kasi nahihiya na ako kakatingin hehe... pansin ko sa side ng eyes ko, naka tingin ka habang dumadaan ako, ayoko na tlaga tumingin, pero, you throw that stress ball on the wall, that made me stopped and well, looked at you... hehe.. nakatingin ka naman sa akin nun, at nag sabi ng 'sorry' in a cutey cutey voice, haha can't describe e... hindi na ako nakatulog nun hahaha

then there is this time, when dumadaan ako then, nagsabi ka ng malakas na 'Good morning!' 'Gud Evening' (e madaling araw na yun hehe OT ka)
alangan naman sabihan mo yung mga katabi mo nun... haha e ako lang ang tao dumadaan nun hay naku feel ko tlga ako yun hahaha

sometimes din, kapag daan ko bigla kayo kakanta... eww yung kanta nyo kasi sounds like oldie oldie haha pero cute na din.. I overheard the lyrics like, 'The stars are green someting wahaha
I dunno....

The last was unforgettable.. saka ko na iwewento hehe... but still, you don't even have the guts to ask for my number huhuhu

gusto ko na nga iwan sa may station mo hehe...
I heard that you applied for a L1 visa.. patay na ipapadala ka na naman sa US... sad ako hehe

yun kaya ako bad mood!!!!!!!!!

eto na lang song... enjoy!!!!!

So Close..

Oh my last post was about my havs pala :) I have two pairs and been wanting to buy more, but hell, my office mate, Ice, owner of Java Android, told something that made me realized that yeah, why would I spend PHP1,300 on these flip flops haha... I have 2 pairs and I think that is enough.

Last Friday, I wore a plain spandex tee, jeans and rubber shoes to work, this is so unusual for me since I never worn my rubber shoes for a year and a half lol... howell, kinda not in the mood days for me...

HUh? not in the mood?
here's something that I got from my bestfriend's multiply account

But, could never find the courage
Fell short of words, dead dumb stupid.
Feelings a-flow just within the cage
Into the game, a greenhorn, a kid.

Still, could never seize the chance
Muted by ignominy, a castaway.
Immobile, a warrior in a trance
Thrown into a fight, an easy slay.

Yet, could never hit the mark
Blinded by passion, target amiss.
Captivated, stripped of strength, stark
Unnerved, lost and struggling, in abyss.

So far, could never dare speak
Or put into words, of the bliss longed for.
Enslaved, life becomes so bleak
Waiting, on the hard cold floor.

So close,
So far…

It started as an admiration... now I don't know what to call it hehe